Mudkip man!

2010-04-12 20:33:33 by tornadopilot2

I have made a Mudkip man sprite sheet.

Mudkip man!

Look over here!

2010-03-10 14:04:46 by tornadopilot2

Go away!


2010-02-20 21:42:11 by tornadopilot2

entertain me.


2010-01-29 20:03:55 by tornadopilot2


I have a mission for myself and that is to replace my useless reviews with better reviews.
Here's a pic of a PM of one that was deleted. Bye-bye useless review.

The first time I have my review deleted.

March of the Mudkips...

2009-12-18 20:56:45 by tornadopilot2

I'm thinking of making a flash with this title. Any comments?
Disclaimer: If for any reason someone makes a spam group from this title I am not responsible for whatever happens to them.

What I have learned so far:
1. draw shapes
2. draw a line
3. use color
4. use motion tween
5. use sprites
6. pull up the actionscript thing
7. convert to swf. file type
8. frame rate

What else should I try to learn? (try not to be a troll please)

Random post.

2009-12-02 17:59:10 by tornadopilot2

I'll start posting things I found funny.

Random post.

Yeaaaa! I got Deity!

2009-11-23 15:05:27 by tornadopilot2

Watch out abusive reviews I got a Deity whistle! I'm only going to keep this post so I can remember when I got Deity (no comment required). I will continue to flag abusive reviews.